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In life, it’s vital that we clothe ourselves and maintain a sense of privacy, security and comfort. At KAEDE, we have created a range of world-class Italian cashmere clothes for children. Designed to carry authentic designs and classic details, our cashmere clothing all carries the hallmarks of the best possible quality. It’s vital that we take the most pristine care possible when it comes to creating scratch-free, itch-free and just entirely comfortable. This means using only the best quality of cashmere wool, and taking our time with every knit to ensure it is perfectly made, lovingly crafted and of the best possible quality.

Since we formed in YEAR, we have been concentrating on making sure that our products always come across with the best possible look, strength, feel and quality. This means using pure cashmere, which only comes from the best possible locations and venues. Long-lasting, non-chemical dyes are a priority for us, creating our products from the safest and finest ingredients. The end result is wonderfully crafted and authentically detailed Italian cashmere clothing that can take the breath away.

All of our pure cashmere clothes for children are made in the European Union, as well as in Turkey and Canada. With quality our #1 priority, we follow the most stringent of processes with every creation to ensure it can showcase the most outstanding form of detail.

With all of our cashmere being sourced from Italian sources, we know that it comes from the best sources possible. also, or cashmere yarn sources are of the same high quality, meaning that we can create detailed and exciting cashmere clothing that feels fantastic and gives both a comfortable and a classic, formal look to any child wearing them.

The highest quality is something we will never compromise on, and has been the case since our foundation. The reason Kaede was formed in the first place was to help create an affordable and authentic kids’ cashmere store. We looked around and found that the disparity in cost and quality was shocking, and wanted to help offer parents who want their children to look fantastic without breaking the bank find a go-to location.

This has been our aim since we first firmed, and will remain the case. Designed in the United Kingdom and Canada by a team of cashmere experts who are known for their soft, warm, comfortable and quality clothing, we work with people who have an eye for fashion as well as for fabric. This allows us to help make sure that not only is the quality of our cashmere the finest, but the intricacy, detail and though behind every design that we produce would be the same, as well.

The end result is a business specializing in cashmere clothes for children, that can help you ensure that you have a product which can be passed from one generation to the next. From the most quality materials being used to the detail of the cashmere falling into the most stringent of millimetres, we take every last part of the process as seriously as possible.

If you are looking to find fantastic kids cashmere clothing, you are in the right place. When looked after, the pieces of Italian cashmere clothing that you buy from us could very well become family heirlooms, passed down among the many generations to come.

*No silicone and extra softeners* Hypo-allergenic * eco-friendly * Organic



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